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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
07-Feb-19 - 07:15 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life - 2019

Tuesday: 2 hours packing car and a 5 hour drive. Arrived at the "new house" at 3 pm and offloaded plants into house in just above freezing temp - VERY carefully as the yard and steps were ICY! My first trip to house now that it really is ours! I did not spend much time as needed to cross the bridge before rush hour. Only 25 min to Montreal house - at that time of day. We went out to dinner that was a day!

Weds: drove to southern Q to deliver mugs to Carole, then back toward M, via picking up money from Serenplicity! Stop at thrift shop for "saucers" for plants as many were left behind due to space and time. Then grocery, then house and did some watering and arranging, then back to city. Later equals longer! But still only about 30 minutes to R's office.

Today! I hate flyers! But the ones I picked up in Chateauguay were looked at - new locale, what can I learn? Linen Chest having major sales so I went early to the closest one, looking for a non-toxic mattress - $700. nice young woman suggested the outlet store on the other side of major bridge. I thought of waiting for R to drive us there but after drinking some water and a couple squares of choc, decided that 1 pm was a good time to cross. "I can do this!" "Same" mattress for $400 plus 10% off on anything else I bought, so I walked up and down every aisle and filled the cart - towels, sheets, a French press, and an Australian wool topper for mattress. Really major SALE! I had fun spending/saving money. Really needed towels for guests and even for us. Have not bought any in at least 15 years, other than at thrift shops.

The woman who helped me is designated an honorary granddaughter! We had such a good chat about all sorts of common interests! I asked her to email me and come visit. She assisted me throughout shopping expedition and cash, and loaded the numerous bags into car! I drove home in freezing rain! But the roads were still ok. That did the day and since, I have been in recuperation!

R popped home to charge phone and reminded me of his wool allergy! I can put a cotton coverlet over it if need be.

Another good reminder from SRS: Re compost, I wonder if Chateauguay has compost for residents to use. Likely.

And, btw, I love the house and we are both excited about what is going to go where and what room used for what and what repairs need to be done first... Now waiting for BR to be painted, bed to be delivered, weather to be OK for moving things. The back porch has two feet of snow on it! So I stood inside and tried to visualize where to put the 3 cherry trees - if they survive the Ontario winter. Lots of great windows for plants. And radiators. It was nice and warm in the house!!!!!

The Montreal house is a test of endurance and the fact that so much is packed away that I feel crippled in the K. I bought hot pads, dish cloths and one dish towel at a dollar store; there were none here. I have not yet found the guts to clear out the frig. Maybe tomorrow...

On Saturday, hoping to get to the mill and gather some things for the house so I can start getting the K organized and get internet in and have a chair to sit in a warm space during the day until we get the bed and a few pieces of furniture, frig, washing machine - for clothing, K table and chairs.... Requires R and truck and a day free of precipitation.