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Posted By: lefthanded guitar
24-Dec-18 - 04:58 PM
Thread Name: BS: How do you perc 1/2 pot of coffee?
Subject: RE: BS: How do you perc 1/2 pot of coffee?
Well my coffee turned out just fine. Thanks for all your input. Turns out I had a little more coffee than I thought- about 2/3 a pot's worth, so I used 2/3 pot of water. So now I still have coffee for Christmas. I thank you all for your coffee related comments, and
here 's a few more of mine:

SRS - I 'd probably also want nothing but iced tea if I lived in Texas; whenever I travel south, I have a sudden and unstoppable yen for iced tea, hardly ever drink it here in the northeast. Coffee is a bit heavy on the palate for those steamy ( or even arid) hot southern days. But I do really like to taste of fresh brewed coffee, and can't start the day without it, even tho I' m drinking more decaf these days.

I also save the coffee in my fridge, and drink it cold the next day. Like it either way;
anywhere, anytime, but for me, tea is only for below the Mason Dixon line. Which doesn't explain the Brit preference for a daily dose of tea , but then, I am resolved to try to avoid all arguments of a political nature, at least til after the holidays

Ah... the correct spelling of percolator. I don't know why that d##n auto spellcheck didn't catch that one; it usually manages to correct and/or mangle half my posts on a regular basis.

Finally Charmion - you are too funny !! You ALWAYS manage to make me burst out laughing , especially with your observations re: your better half's adventures. I don't know if you remember, but a year ago or so, you were talking about some point of possible contention with yr other 1/2 and you said you were going to drop it b/c "this was not the hill you'd choose to die on" Hilarious !!! I've been using that quote ever since, and may have to call on your wise and witty philosophy at the musical Xmas party I hope to be attending this holiday.

Finally dare I ask again - what is a chemex? Or perhaps I should just wait til after the holiday to google what sounds like what may be the Rube Goldberg contraption of coffee makers.

Have a merry one folkies!