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Posted By: Helen
24-Dec-18 - 02:01 PM
Thread Name: BS: How do you perc 1/2 pot of coffee?
Subject: RE: BS: How do you perc 1/2 pot of coffee?
I prefer a percolator. We have an induction stove now and it took a while to find one which works on that. We used to have a gas stove and an old enamel percolator. Easy peasy.

Sorry to bring unsightly health issues into this lovely discussion but I find that if I have the French press coffee or café coffee I tend to get cold sores after a while, but by using the percolator and giving it a bit of extra time to do its thing, I tend to not get the yucky things.

I like a cup of the brewed coffee in the morning and the afternoon at work, so I brew up a large amount at home and put it in little bottles in the frig and take one to work each day. I put about a third of a mug of milk, some of the coffee and top up with boiling water and then heat up for a minute in the microwave. A perfectly good substitute for mucking about making real coffee in work time and then the resulting clean-up, or buying coffee at the café twice a day.

(I work for the state government. They monitor how long we are out of the building on tea breaks. Café visits usually entail phoning the shop to place the order, leaving the building, walking to the shop, collecting the coffee, walking back, drinking the coffee at the desk. Some people do that twice a day. Too much bother for me. I'm not a coffee connoisseur. I just like the taste and a bit of a caffeine hit.)

I am primarily a tea drinker, and will prefer to drink tea at parties rather than alcohol. I take my own Earl Grey tea bags to parties. (Am I a boring old biddy, or what??!!) I make leaf tea in a mug sized tea infuser first thing in the morning as I am reading the news, checking emails & Mudcat etc, and I will have Earl Grey later in the day at work or when I come home from work. I haven't really tried iced tea. I should. It would work well in summer here.