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Posted By: FreddyHeadey
05-Dec-18 - 09:24 AM
Thread Name: Who is he? - Michael Pascal aka Muppett
Subject: RE: Who is he? - Michael Pascal aka Muppett
I've had an email back from Muppett

†††††...†† Iím rather embarrassed and humbled by those comments.

Re. Contacting me, well I †donít have computer access outside of work, I do have a phone, but Iím always either leaving it at home, forgetting to charge it or forgetting to switch it on.

So I just rely on face to face contact. Sometimes it can be annoying for some folk but it works for me.

... I only have access to a computer here at work and for some reason, it wonít let me make the connection to the Mudcat link you sent me.

So Iím happy for you to let Nomad know that I donít have any CDís as such, however I do have one track on a 17 track CD That has recently come out that Iíve been involved in putting together to raise money to keep the Dales buses running.

As well as myself there are tracks by Rum Doodle, Yan Tan Tether, The Hall Brothers, Matt Palmer and Dave Spowage and Mike Burtoft, as well as a few other folk who I canít remember the names of.

I donít know if Nomad is local to Bradford, but if he or she is, Iíll have copies of them for sale with me when Iím out and about, they are £10 each and all profits go to help keep the Dales bus running.

This is a service that relies on funding to run on Sundays and Bank holidays between the Towns and Cities of West Yorkshire and the Yorkshire Dales.


Nomad - I couldn't find any information on line about a Dales Bus fundraising CD, you might track down one of the bands\singers mentioned.

Cornell at Bingley Buskers said
Yup, itís a bit like what taking mind altering drugs must feel like, locally you wonít find much thatís more entertaining!!    :)