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31-Oct-18 - 10:56 PM
Thread Name: Origins: James Madison Carpenter- Child Ballads 5
Subject: RE: Origins: James Madison Carpenter- Child Ballads 5
Here are some Swedish version I don't have the texts for:

    z. MM C. E. Södlings saml. 11: 3, S 264. According to Södling recorded in 1848 by himself after learned from a maid in Lerboholm », Lofta sn, Småland men probably an editing of Ea above. Melody with repeated refran.

    aa. ULMA R 623: 4 No. 433. From Peter Stengårds vis Collection at 4: o (Stengård was a church in Martebo sn, Gotland, d. 1880). 4 strofer. Printed as Säve No. 433.

    bb. ULMA 347: 55, p. 86. After the farm worker Gustaf Rydberg, Härads sn, Södermanland (b. 1820 in Kämbo sn, Södermanland, to Härad in 1867 when mast from Vansa sn). Recorded by Gustaf Ericsson between 1867 and 1890. 5 stanzas. A text about 13 stanzas in ULMA 347: 44 a, pp. 119-120 is one of Ericsson made editing, where the texts l. (above) and bb joined.

    cc: Fisherman's Book from Jämtland (private ownership). Written down on 1870s by Anna Hansdotter, Bringåsen, Kyrkås sn (1855-1935). 6 stanzas.

    dd: DAY VFF 205, pp. 7-8. From a close to 80-year-old Tilda Johansson, Finsbo, Lane-Ryrs sn, Bohuslän. Parody by Folke Linder 1921. 9 stanzas.

    ee: DAY VFF 1602, pp. 33-35. After Beata Pettersson, Romelanda sn, Bohuslän (b. 1861). Recorded by Hulda Hammarbäck 1927. 6 stanzas.

    ff: ULMA 2798: 4, p. 15. After Karin Nilsson, Boda sn, Värmland (b. 1858). Recorded by Gertrud Ericsson 1930. 1 stanza.

    gg: DAY VFF 2235, p. 4. After A. Falk, Bro sn, Bo mortgages. Recorded by Sven Rydstrand 1935. 4 verses

    hh: NM Folkminnessaml., Visor 3, pp. 125-126 (EU 19231). Brålanda sn, Dalsland. Written by J.F. Lundberg in his own memory; he had heard the version sung by a woman when he was 15 years old or 1876?. Sent to Nord. museum 1941. 5 stanzas.

    ii. SVA 275: B 50, p. 14. Written in own book by Terese Lättman, Stockholm (b. 1883 in the Congohd, småland); The song was sung by her father about 1890. Submitted to Radiotjänst 1947. 6 stanza.

    jj:   SVA BA 476. From Karin Lind f. Norberg, Lek sand (b. 1893 in Karlsarvet, Leksand). She had version from her grandmother Bröms Margita Jonsdotter (b. 1839) Recorded by Märta Ramsten, 1969. Melody as well as 1 verse, a fragment.

    kk:  SVA B A 1623. After Brother Harnesk, Norsjö sn, Västerbotten (born 1882 in Norsjö.) Recorded by Bengt Martinsson 1972. The text is read. 4 stanzas.

   ll1: From Thyra Karlsson, Östersund (born 1912 in Alanäs sn, Jamtland). Will probably return in writing (see GAB 54: 2).

    ll2: SVA B A 1584. Recorded by Märta Ramsten 1972. Melody as well as 11 stanzas.

    ll3: Jämtks County Museum, Östersund, Music C35.1.2. Written by Thyra Karlsson 1974. 11 stanzas

    mm:   SVA BA 2929. After Ragnar Swedberg, Mörrums Sn, Blekinge (born 1912 in Gothenburg). He had learned the version of his Mother Gerda Maria Nilsson (1884-1939), which was from Karlstad. Recorded by Märta Ramsten 1976. Melody as well as 1 stanza text (two takes)

    nn:   IF Rancken 3, 165 No. 317. Lappfjärds sn, Öster bottom. Recorded by Jonas Spolander (flour.) And J. E. Wefvar (text) after »Mrs. Spolander» 1875-1876. Melody as well as 10 stanzas. Mel. printed as FSF V: 1 No. 35b, the text printed as variant G to FSF V: 1 No. 35 A.

      oo: IF Rancken 5, 186 nr 351. Terjärv sn, Österbot TEN. Recorded by J. E. Wefvar in 1870 or 1880. 11 stanzas. Printed as FSF V: 1 No. 35F.

    pp:   SLS 1, p. 125. After Maja Vitaniemi, Korsnäs sn, Ostrobothnia. Recorded by Johan Dahlbo 1882-1883. 16 stanzas. Printed as FSF V: 1 No. 35B

    qq:   SLS 10, pp. 451-452. After Sofia Finnilä, Kronoby Sn, Ostrobothnia. Recorded by Henrik Ståhl 1889. 10 stanzas. Printed as FSF V: 1 No. 35 E.

    rr:    SLS 47, pp. 52-53. Esse sn, Ostrobothnia. Uppteck
nad by John Finnas in 1894. 6 stanzas. Printed as variant J to FSF V: 1 No. 35 A.

    ss: SLS 1068 (Visors from Replot, assembled by Wilhelm
Sjöberg), pp. 135-136. Söderudden, Replots sn, Österbotten. Print dated 1901. Ev. same thing as V above. Melody as well as 15 stanzas.

    tt: Constructions II, 1910, p. IV-V. North Memorial, Kvevlax sn, Ostrobothnia. Listed by Else Te gengren. Melody as well as 9 stanzas. Mel. even printed as FSF V: 1 No. 35 f, the text also printed as a variant Ant I to FSF V: 1 No. 35 A.

      uu: IF 170, IX (No. 112). After the "hostess Moberg" Malm, Pargas Sn, Turku. Listed by Otto Andersson around 1910. Melody as well as 3 stanzas. Mel. printed as FSF V: 1 No. 35 c, the text printed as variant N to FSF V: 1 No. 35 A.

    vv: IF 110, h. 6, s. 29-31. Efter Vilhelmina Lehtinen, Helsingfors, Nyland; hon hade lärt visan av sin mor som var från Österbotten. Upptecknad av A. P. Svensson ca 1910. 13 strofer. Tryckt som FSF V:1 nr 35 C.

    ww:   IF 110, h. 6, s. 29. Efter »from Lindholm», Helsing­ fors, Nyland (f. 1826); hon hade lärt visan av sin mor. pptecknad av A. P. Svensson ca 1910. 5 stanzas. similar to variant K till FSF V:1 nr 35 A.

    xx:   SLS 535 nr 5. Efter Agnes Friman, Tenala sn, Ny­land (f. 1902). Upptecknad av Greta Dahlström 1928. Melody-fragment of 2 stanzas of text. tryckt same variant M till FSF V; 1 nr 35 A.

    yy: SLS 535 nr 4. Efter Therese Österberg f. Borg­ ström, Gröndal, Esbo sn, Nyland (f. 1867 på Kavall, Esbo). Upptecknad av Greta Dahlström 1932. Melody with 9 stanzas. Mel. tryckt som FSF V:1 nr 35 e, texten tryckt some variant L till FSF V;1 nr 35 A. xx:   Brage, Folkvisor I, [1922], nr 45. Åland. Melody (arrangerad av Karl Ekman) with 3 stanzas.

   zz:   Dahlström & Forslin, Finl. sång och visa, 1950, nr 153. Åland. Texten följer nära FSF V:1 nr 35 B. Melody with 16 stanzas.

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