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Posted By: Richie
31-Oct-18 - 10:18 PM
Thread Name: Origins: James Madison Carpenter- Child Ballads 5
Subject: RE: Origins: James Madison Carpenter- Child Ballads 5
Hi Richard,

Good thinking, it's still a mystery.

I've compiled a few of the Swedish versions with text/melody. This is what I have so far (less than 40 versions):

A. "Sven in Rosengård" Swedish, dated early 1600s, Aa is MS from George Stephens' collection dated c. 1640.
    a. ["Sohnen i Roosengård"] (Son in the Rose Garden/ Son of Roosengård)- my title, dated c. 1640, from Swedish MS, UUB T 144 b, pp. 79-80; Jonsson I, pp. 190-195. 33 stanzas archaic Swedish.
    b. ["Sven in Rosengård"] Swedish, my title, guestimated c. 1762. KB Vs 2: 1, pp. 431-432, from Mrs. Beata Memsen, Kisa sn, Östergötland (born 1742 in Oppeby sn, Östergötland, d. 1831 in Kisa; Jonsson I, pp. 325-326). Recorded by L. F. Rääf, 1810. Printed as SF 87 B.
    c. ["Sven in Rosengård"] Swedish, my title, guestimated c. 1762. KB Vs 2: 1, pp. 429-430. From the girl, Anna Persdotter, the servant in L. F. Rääfs home (born 1733 in Målilla sn, Småland, came young years to Östergötland, 1819 at Millingstorp, Kisa sn; Jonsson I, pp. 326-327). Recorded by L. F. Rääf 1811. Printed as SF 87 A.
    d. ["Sven in Rosengård"] Swedish, my title, guestimated early 1800s. KB S 163 (Drake) No. 45. Östergötland. Recorded in the 1810s or possibly. a little later (by 1834). Printed as SF 87 A and B.
    e1. "Sven in Rosengård" Varmland. Listed by E. G. Geijer 1814 (Jonsson I, p. 420). e1: GA 67 [: I],
    e2. "Sven in Rosengård" Greenland, Alte Schwed. Volks-Melodies, 1818, p. 27.
    e2 & 3.: "Sven in Rosengård" Skilling print, based on GA 67 [: I], 1827, 1836 (= DgFT 340: 1-2; see Jonsson I, p. 655).
    e4. "Sven in Rosengård" Two shilling prints from 1902 (= DgFT 340: 3, 1).
    e5. "Sven in Rosengård" Shilling print 1902 (= DgFT 340: 5).
    e6. "Sven in Rosengård" Chapbook 1903, reprint of Eg.
    e7."Sven in Rosengård" Skilling print 1906 (KB E 1906 r3, reprint of Eg with little change of title page).
    e8. "Sven in Rosengård" Skilling print 1911 (= DgFT 340: 6; see Jonsson I, p. 656).
    e9. "Sven in Rosengård" Shilling print 1911, reprint of Ej (KB E 1911 h1 2a).
    f. "Sven in Rosengård" GA 67 [: II] From the soldier's wife, Hedda Berg f. Söderholm, Biskopskulla sn, Uppland (born 1764 in Järlås sn, Uppland, d. 1843 in Bishopskulla; Jonsson I, pp. 429-436). Recorded by A. A. Afzelius in the middle of the 1810s.
    g. "Sven in Rosengård" UUB V 6 a. Skåne. Submitted by later Archbishop Henrik Reuterdahl about 1820 (Jonsson I, pp. 516-518.
    h. "Sven in Rosengård" KB Vs 4, p. 284. Almundsryds sn, Småland. Recorded by G. O. Hyltén-Cavallius 1839. A rendering of a part of The text, made by George Stephens, is in KB Vs 3: 3, No. 176 C.
    i. "Sven in Rosengård" KB Vs 4, p. 461. Småland. Recorded about 1840 by Johanna Gustava Angel f. Lagergréen, Ryssby sn (born 1791 in Tolgssn, d. 1869; Jonsson I, p. 540). A rendering, made by George Stephens, is found in KB Vs 3: 3, No. 176 B.
    j1. "Sven in Rosengård" From Augusta Mathilda Öberg (born in Åkers sn, Södermanland). Recorded by her husband Emil Öberg in 1850-ta-Let. Yes: KVHAA Dybeck, Folk-lore V, p. 106.
    j2. "Sven in Rosengård" ULMA 1951: 31. Sent to Södermanks fuminnesfor. 1863. Printed as a contribution to Södermank's older culture. I, 1877, p. 32 (No. 8).
    j3. "Sven in Rosengård" MAB Folk Songs, p. 113 v. Submit to Mouse Akad in 1881.
    k. "Sven in Rosende." KVHAA Dybeck, Folk-lore V, p. 297. Valbo sn, Gästrikland. Recorded in the 1860s by the priest Erik Adolf Lidforss (born 1805 in Valbo, d. 1873), in his own memory. Submitted to R. Dybeck by 1870.
    l1. "Sven in Rosengård," taken from an 86-year-old woman, called 'Stenbrogumman', from Länna sn, Södermanland. Recorded by Gustaf Ericsson in the period 1860-1882. ULMA 347: 55, pp. 87-88.
    l2. "Sven in Rosengård" ULMA 347: 48, pp. 191-192. Printed in Contribution to Söder-Manl's older group. III, 1882, pp. 37-38. - A text of 13 strofer in ULMA 347: 44 a, pp. 119-120, is one of Ericsson made editing, where the records L and AC (below) are joined.
    m. "Swen i Rosengård" DFS 1906/95, p. 14. Tjust hd, Småland. Given by the fisherman J. P. Johansson (f. On Väderskär, Loftahammar sn) no later than 1883. Printed as a contribution to Södermanh's older culture. V, 1884, pp. 12-14, where Johansson is stated to have the version from Södermanland's archipelago.
    n. "Sven in rosengård" DAL 554, p. 6-8. The church church, Blekinge. Recorded by Sven Thomasson in the late half of the 1880s. A printout is available in ULMA 10531 (ms to the print in SvLm VII: 6, 1890, No. 9)
    o. "Sven i Rosengård." from N. Andersson, Swedish songs. Värmland, 1930, No. 302. Grava sn, Värmland. Written by Gustaf Löfgren probably 1870-1900 (no later than 1910); the version was sung by Modem Maja Löfgren (born 1809). Single verse, music only.
    p. "Sven i Rosengård." ULMA 29073: 150, p. 2. Västergötland. From a woman named Marg. Kjellgren, who probably had the version from her mother from Hjo. Recorded by Nils Stålberg, probably in the 1930s.
    q. "Sven in Rosengård." SR B 47231: 2: 11. After Elin Lind, Norhyttan, Grangärde sn, Dalarna (1876-1958). Recorded by Matts Amberg 1955. Reproduced on gramophone disc (The medieval ballad, SR RELP 5003-5006).
    r1. "Sven in rosengård" From f. d. college teacher Anna Grady f. Lundberg, Katrineholm (b. 1891 in Vilhelmina sn, Lapland, d. 1983). SVA BA 52. Recorded by Jan Ling in 1961.
    r2. "Sven in Rosengård" SR 63 / M / 6051: 2: 8. Recorded by Matts Amberg and Märta Ramsten, 1963.
    s1. "Sven in rosengård" After Helmy Hansson f. Blomfeldt (1910-1993), Stora Tuna sn, Dalarna; she had heard his grandmother Johanna Kristina Romlin (born 1863 in Söderbärke sn, Dalarna) and grandfather Erik Blomfeldt (born 1871 in Floda sn, Dalarna) sing the show. SR 64 / M / 6135: 3: 3. Recorded by Matts Amberg in 1964. Two recordings.
    s2. "Sven in rosengård" SVA BA 84. Recorded by Bengt R. Jonsson, Jan Ling and Margareta Jersild in 1964.
    s3. "Sven i rosengård" SVA BA 1514. Recorded by Gunnar Temhag 1972.
    t. "Sven in rosengård" Joukahainen IX, pp. 263-265. After Johanna Sandnabba, Malax sn, Ostrobothnia (eg in Purmo sn, Ostrobothnia) and an anthem by a person who sang stanza 2. Recorded by Isak Smith's 1883. Also printed as FSF V: 1 No. 35 A.
    u. "Sven in rosengård" SLS 23, p. 63. Kimito Sn, Åboland. Recorded by Karl Ekman in 1891. Melody printed as FSF V: 1 No. 35 d, the text printed as variant H to FSF V: 1 No. 35 A.
    v. "Sven in rosengård" SLS 94, p. 36 (melody), 49-50 (text). After Beata Lena Hallberg, Söderudden, Replots sn, Österbotten (b. 1832); she has learned the version of her mother. Listed by Vilhelm Sjöberg in 1904. Printed as FSF V: 1 No. 35 a and D.
    w. "Sven in rosengård" SLS 532 No. 38. By Matilda Stjemberg, Söderveckoski, Borgå lf, Nyland (b. 1870); She had learned the version from her father. Listed by Alfhild Adolfsson (Forslin), 1934.
    x. "Sven in rosengård" SLS 532 No. 39. From Alfred Lindroos, Söderby, Pellinge, Borgå lf, Nyland (b. 1859). Listed by Alfhild Adolfsson (Forslin), 1934.
    y1. "Sven in rosengård." From Edith Johansson, Kimito sn, Åboland (born 1900 on Nötö, Nagu sn, Åboland, from 1937 resident in Kimito). Recorded by Matts Arnberg and U. P. Olrog, 1963. SR 63 / M / 6345: 3: 2.
    y2. "Sven in rosengård" SR 63 / M / 6345: 3: 2. A version of y1.