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Posted By: Helen
17-Oct-18 - 05:02 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Caedmon's Hymn
Subject: RE: Origins: Caedmon's Hymn
Gnomic verses aka Maxims I

sample of Anglo Saxon language - Maxims II

Gnomic verses aka Maxims II

Translation of first few:

A king must keep the realm. A city seen from afar,
the cunning work of giants, some remain upon the earth,

the ornate handiwork of wall-stones. The wind is the swiftest in the sky—
thunder is loudest in the moment. Christ’s powers are mighty.

The way of the world is greatest. Winter is the coldest,
the spring most icy—it’s cold for the longest—

the summer the most sun-beautiful—the heaven is hottest—
the harvest is most blessed, it brings to men

the whole year’s crops, what God sends to them.
The truth is very tricky, treasure the dearest,

and gold is for every man, the old man is the wisest,
aged in ancient years, who has experienced many events.

Woe is wondrously tenacious—the clouds keep rolling.

My quick reading/catching up via Google shows that the Gnomic verses were for memorising information or short wise phrases or concepts, e.g. like proverbs. That explains why it is is disjointed, unrelated phrases.