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17-Oct-18 - 12:20 AM
Thread Name: Origins: James Madison Carpenter- Child Ballads 5
Subject: RE: Origins: James Madison Carpenter- Child Ballads 5

The following Finnish version was written down March 17, 1823, in Abo by J.J. Pippingskold (d. 1832). The manuscript is now preserved in the library of the University in Helsingfors (shelfmark D.IV.47). This text has been printed in Kansanopiston laulukirja (1909) 336-37 No. 290.

Suomen kansan uanhat runot [Folk songs of the Finnish People] (Keksi-Inkerin) IV No. 2701. From Moloskoritsa, Central Ingria, Finland.

1 Mist' tulet, kustas tulet,
Poikaini iloinen?
[answer missing].

2. Mist saappaas savvee soit?
Maateita myote kulkeissain,
Likka lintusein.

3. Mistas miekkas verree teit?
Tapoin miehen, saatoin paaha.

4. Mihinkis luulet joutusasi?
Jourein maille vierahille.

5. Mihin jatat sie issiais?
Kiykoon metsass, hakatkoo halkii.

6. Mihin jatat diti seisi?
Istukoo nurkassa, ratvokoo villa.

7. Mihin jdtit veikko seisi?
Punokoo nuora, lyokoo koiraa.

8. Mihin jatat siskoseisi?
Kehratkoo rihmaa, kutokoo kankast.

9. Kensas tuolta peisi poaset?
Kensa korppi valkenoopi.

* * * *

1. From where do you come, my happy son?
[answer missing]

2. Why are your boots dirty?
From wandering along the highway, my girl, my little bird.

3. Why is your sword so bloody?
I have killed a man,
I have put my head in danger.

4. Where do you expect to go?
I went to foreign-lands.

5. What do you leave your father?
Let him wander in the forest, split billets of wood.

6. What do you leave your mother?
Let her sit in the corner, knit wool.

7. What do you leave your brother?
Let him plait a rope, beat a dog.

8. To what do you leave your sister?
Let her spin yarn, weave goods.

9. When will you come back?
When the raven turns white.