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Posted By: Richie
16-Oct-18 - 03:57 PM
Thread Name: Origins: James Madison Carpenter- Child Ballads 5
Subject: RE: Origins: James Madison Carpenter- Child Ballads 5
Hi Steve,

In general a motive for the murder in the Scandinavian versions is lacking. The Swedish versions do not mention a sword instead the blood is on the clothes.

The following Finnish version is given from H. R. von Schroter's 1819 book, "Finnische Runen, Finnisch und deutsch." It was reprinted with insignificant changes in the second edition (ed. G. H. von Schroter [Stuttgart, 1834) then translated into Swedish in Arwidsson's "Svenska Fornsanger" (Stockholm, 1837). The text and translation are modified from Archer Taylor- note that a Finnish stanza is missing in Taylor's book, I haven't tried to figure out where the mistake occurred but I have a different English translation which is also 14 stanzas.

"Der blutige Sohn"

1 Mistas tulet? mistas tulet?
Minun Pojkain iloinen.
Meren rannalt', meren rannalt',
Muori kuitasein.

2 Mita sielta tekemasta?
Hewostani juottamasta.

3 Missas jakkuis saween teit?
Hewoinen tallais, hewoinen tallais.

4 Missas miekkais wereen teit?
Tapoin ainoan weljeni.

5 Minnekkas siitten ite jouwutl
Muille maille wierahille.

6 Minnekkis wanhan isdis heitat?
Kaykaan metsassa, hakatkaan halkoja,
Elkoon ikinaan minua toiwokoo.

7 Mihinkis wanhan Muoriis heitat?
Istukaan nurkassa, watwokoon tappuroita,
Elkdon ikanaan minua toiwokoo.

8 Mihinkas nuoren pojkais heitat?
Knykndn koulua, karsikaan wihtoja.

9 Minnekkis sen nuoren piikais heitat?
Kaykaan metsassa, syotaan marjoja,
Elkoon ikinddn mina toiwokoo.

10 Millonkas sielta kotian tulet?
Silloin kuin paiwa pohjasta paistaa.

11 Millonkas paiwa pohiasta paistaa?
Silloin kuin kiwi wein paalla pyorii.

12 Millonkas kiwi wein paalla pyorii?
Silloin kuin hoyhen pohjaan painuu.

13 Millonkas hoyhen pohjaan painuu?
Silloin kuin kaikki Tuomiolle tuloo.

* * * *

"The Bloody Son"

1. "Where did you come? Where do you come,
My happy son."
"From the seashore, from the seashore,
My golden (beloved) mother."

2. What did you do there?
I watered the horses.

3. Why is your jacket stained with dirt?
The horses kicked.

4. "How did youe sword get so bloody?"
I killed my only brother.

5. Where will you go now?
Far into foreign countries.

6. Where will you leave your old father?
May he go to the forest and cut wood there;
May he never wish to see me again

7. Where will you leave your old mother?
May she heckle flax,
May she wish never to see me again.

8 Where will you leave your young wife?
Let her go about adorned and take another.

9. Where will you leave your young son?
May he go to school and suffer rods there,

10. Where will you leave your young daughter?
Let her go to the forest to to eat berries
May she wish never to see me again.

11. When will you come home again?
When the sun rises in the north

12. When will the sun rise in the north?
When stones dance on water.

13. When will stones dance on water?
When feathers sink to the bottom.

14 When will feathers sink to the bottom?
When all come to judgement."