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Posted By: GUEST,Observer
12-Sep-18 - 05:59 PM
Thread Name: UK Folk Revival 2018
Subject: RE: UK Folk Revival 2018
You're happy with one load of shite but the other bothers you.

Now where did you get that from? Certainly not from me.

But let us go back to the first part of your post:

shite is shite. whether its traditional English shite or pop shite.

Now as long as we are on the same wavelength as to what you refer to as traditional English shite would you agree that the following is true:

1. Traditional English shite as far as songs go are generally unaccompanied.

2. That pop shite as far as songs go are generally accompanied and more importantly they are/were performed by bands.

3. So if someone wants to perform traditional English shite all they need to do is have it somewhere in their mind the belief that they can sing.

4. Alternatively if someone as a solo performer wishes to perform pop shite, they not only have to be able to sing, they must also be able to play and be competent enough to play make up for the deficiency of their not being a band. So the potential is manifestly there for making a far greater horlicks and produce pop shite than there would be for a simple would be singer of singing traditional English shite.

If you run a folk club you get to be tolerant of most kinds of musical shite. No Big Al if you run a folk club you only have to get tolerant of folk shite, they do after all run a folk club.

not too many virtuosi turn up on singers nights. - They do not have to be virtuosi Big Al for them to perform and put over what they do, and I for one have picked up many, many songs from such performers at what they call singers nights in many folk clubs over the last five decades.

the underscript to your posting is that you are tolerant of lazy, unmusical bores as long as they like the same music as you do. - Nothing is further from the truth.

Shite stinks, whoever shits it. - Very true Big Al but at a folk club I only expect to hear folk shite - up with any other form of shite I am not prepared to put.