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Posted By: punkfolkrocker
27-Aug-18 - 08:22 PM
Thread Name: UK Folk Revival 2018
Subject: RE: UK Folk Revival 2018
Jim - you seeem to be over-reacting and getting a bit evangelically hostile [again]
defending prophets and 'rules of folk' that most music lovers
know nothing about,
and wouldn't give a toss if they did...

You are doing a brilliant job of curating and preservation,
and know you need to make practical arrangements
so that custodianship of your collection and recorded personal memories
is donated to an archive that will value and conserve it all properly.

That will be your legacy to folk music academia and specialist musicologistss / journalists...

If in the future a minority still cares enough,
your collection might help inspire and influence new Folk Revivals,
.. perhaps in ways you do not like or approve of...
But you are at least doing your best to offer that option of informed choice to future folkies..
That is one main reason you have earned our admiration.

But it gives you no special rights now to lay down the law
to young [and not so young] creative singers and musicians
who have even the vaguest interest in trad folk...

..and certainly no excuse for frightening any away...

One of the vilest people I ever encounteed was a fundementalist evalgelical preacher [wedding in Liverpool],
even large a part of his congregation of the converted
looked uncomfortable like they thought he was too out or order...
but still he continued banging on and on about the evils of feminism and it's abomination in the eyes of god..

When you are in one of these fire and brimstone preaching moods you could even put him in the shade...

I say this frankly and honestly as someone who has much respect for you
both above and below the BS line...