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Posted By: punkfolkrocker
27-Aug-18 - 06:46 AM
Thread Name: UK Folk Revival 2018
Subject: RE: UK Folk Revival 2018
Brenda Wooton was big in the West Country 40 years ago, she was on our local telly a fair bit.
Me and a mate went to see her live at an arts centre.

These days it's difficult finding CDs of her singing, at a sensible price.
But by chance found 2 collections on Amazon Prime Music...

So last night I persuaded the wife to have a listen.
She was curious to hear how Cornish sounded compared to Welsh.

My mrs is a big fan of more recent female singers - particularly Kate Rusby...

After a few songs, she told me to stop playing her tracks
as Brenda Wooton sounded "too scary"...

From my point of view, now that I've heard her again afer 40 years,
these 2 collections seem a random collection of some really good recordings in a style I like [the scarier ones..],
but too many are delivered in a trite comic style that was popular decades ago..
[perhaps still is in folk clubs...???]

So it seems Brenda is not a singer to be easily recommeded to ears atuned to 'modern' folk singers...???

Shame her back catalogue is not more widely available at a fair price.
I'd like to hear the 1970s LPs that were well regarded back then,
not these hotch potch compilations..

But maybe they also sounded variable like this...??? good track followed by a couple of excrutiating duds...?????