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Posted By: GUEST,Observer
24-Aug-18 - 02:35 AM
Thread Name: UK Folk Revival 2018
Subject: RE: UK Folk Revival 2018
I am not arguing at all Dave.

The point under discussion is the assumption given in the title of this thread that we are, in 2018, in the middle of a folk revival in the UK, and although I agree with the questioning of it, I would like to point out to all, I was not responsible for the post that raised the matter - See the seventh post to this thread -

Subject: RE: UK Folk Revival 2018
Date: 17 Aug 18 - 03:14 PM

What "revival" ?

To which I responded four posts later with:

Subject: RE: UK Folk Revival 2018
From: GUEST,Observer
Date: 18 Aug 18 - 05:14 AM

GUEST, Date: 17 Aug 18 - 03:14 PM, good question, it is one I would have asked myself had you not beaten me to it. Don't expect an answer though. Mr Red above has got the measure of it, very few real Folk Festivals around these days they are all now "Music" Festivals where anything goes.

By the way what Mr Red said that I agreed with was:

Subject: RE: UK Folk Revival 2018
From: Mr Red
Date: 18 Aug 18 - 03:22 AM

What I object to is the kind of faded Punk performers who feel the best way to revive their career is to claim Folkdom. And charge more for one badly sung performance (and playing punk guitar regardless of skill) than the same weekend of top notch ceilidh bands all put together.

And then have the effrontery to harrangue and hector the audience on who to vote for - in one party!