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Posted By: GUEST,Observer
23-Aug-18 - 06:51 PM
Thread Name: UK Folk Revival 2018
Subject: RE: UK Folk Revival 2018
over here in the U.S., I hear complaints that folkies sing only British songs and ignore the American-born ones.

Ah but Joe do they sing them in phony British accents? Over here in the UK when singing American songs phoney American accents seem de rigueur. The result is absolutely hilarious.

Dave the Gnome - You don't know because you are not aware of all the facts, observer. - Hate to point out the obvious Dave but neither are you aware of all the facts. My anecdotal evidence is to discredited but yours must be taken at face value as the gospel truth? Give over. You asked Sandman a direct question and he gave you an honest answer that you then attempted to spin to suit your argument.

Here is another of your twists:

Maybe you could give us some proof that folk music is in decline rather than glibly stating it is with no evidence to support that.

When did I say that folk music is in decline? I have said a number of times that traditional "folk music" as I know it does not need to chase an audience. I also said this:

The title assumes that there is a 2018 Folk Revival in the UK, myself and others dispute that as we can see no evidence of it and pointed to the fact there have been numerous threads on this forum bemoaning the fact that folk clubs are closing and festivals are dying in both cases mainly because people cannot be found who are willing to take them on and run them.

If you want evidence of festivals and folk clubs shutting up shop go to the threads on this forum where others, i.e. NOT ME, brought the subject up.

If you want to put questions then please address what has actually been said as opposed to what you think has been said, or what you would have liked to have seen said.