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Posted By: Johnny J
21-Aug-18 - 06:18 AM
Thread Name: UK Folk Revival 2018
Subject: RE: UK Folk Revival 2018
"Nowadays I'm far more concerned that future generations get as much interest and enjoyment as I have"

Mmm, I think future generations will be in a far more fortunate position than we were as regard making choices. They will have access to vast archives, recordings and so on whether it be from libraries, CDs, online resources or wherever. Unlike in our day, they can easily access any genre of music they wish and, if it appeals, they can then go and seek it out. If it isn't being performed in folk clubs or other venues, then they can motivate themselves and peers to do it for themselves.

If they aren't really interested, then fair enough. We can't force them.

I do realise that much of "the tradition" was almost lost and that it took great efforts to "revive" same. Therefore, those of us who lived through the "folk revival" of the fifties and sixties feel very protective of "the folk club scene" with which we grew up.

However, the music and songs will always be there for those who really want them.

Personally, I'm very selective about where I choose to listen to music (and my tastes actually extend beyond trad and and folk). I've never been entirely satisfied with the music policy of any folk club and today is no different. There has always been good, bad, and irrelevant...all in my own opinion, of course.

As others have commented, folk and traditional music is not the exclusive preserve of folk clubs. You can hear it within Arts Centres, Concert Halls, The Pub, Cafes, Community/Church Halls etc. We have a great variety of informal arrangements these days too. From pub sessions and singarounds, community choirs and bands/orchestras, folk music classes and so on.
There is also an abundance of festivals... All fiddle, all harp, all singing, all dancing, and mixtures of all. Some commercial, others not.
Of course, we will all have different views about the validity and usefulness of such things but it is quite clear that much is happening outwith and beyond the narrow confines of the "folk club".