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Posted By: Rapparee
18-Aug-18 - 11:50 PM
Thread Name: BS: Clerical abuse of kids: More Revelations
Subject: RE: BS: Clerical abuse of kids: More Revelations
You can find more info, lots more info, here. There's also this.

Celibacy does not, by itself, cause the problems under discussion. Priests have, for centuries, had concubines, mistresses, even wives (e.g., the Bishop of Galway). Chaucer's Host says of the Monk,

Thou woldest han been a trede-foul aright.        
Haddestow as greet a leve, as thou hast might        
To parfourne al thy lust in engendrure,        
Thou haddest bigeten many a creature.

Chaucer was actually not kind to the Prioress, either.

Four years ago, priests' wives and mistresses reminded the Vatican that they actually exist.

I can personally name three or four priests who left the priesthood and married the women they were "seeing" and another who left but did not marry his "friend." The last was seen almost nightly entering her home and leaving in the morning -- people merely smiled and winked. Mind you, all involved were adults! I suspect that if a priest or any religious who abused children would not have had a long lifespan left after the parents found out!