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Posted By: The Sandman
17-Aug-18 - 01:20 PM
Thread Name: New Book: Folk Song in England
Subject: RE: New Book: Folk Song in England
The people's flag is deepest pink,
It's not as red as you might think,
Those socialists, they keep their wealth,
New Labour contradicts itself.

Then raise the salmon standard high.
Under it they'll watch us die,
Though Lib Dems flinch and Tories sneer,
We'll keep the pink flag flying here.

Look round, the Welshman loves its blaze,
The American chants its praise,
In Scotland's hills its hymns are sung
And Cardiff swells the surging throng.

It waved above our cow'ring fright,
When all our hopes were bathed in light;
Though Tony kicks up quite a row,
He's better than that Thatcher cow.

It well recalls the triumphs past,
It dashed the hope of peace at last;
They can't see the wood for the trees,
They search for WMDs.

It suits today the weak and base,
Whose minds are fixed on pelf and place
To cringe before the rich man's frown,
And haul the sacred emblem down.

With heads all covered swear we all
To put it down now lest we fall;
Come dungeons dark or threat of death,
We'll hum this underneath our breath.
Jim, thought you might like the above