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Posted By: Vic Smith
16-Aug-18 - 03:29 PM
Thread Name: New Book: Folk Song in England
Subject: RE: New Book: Folk Song in England
Hootenanny's question -
Which other English singers did you interview in such depth?
was not directed at me, but I thought when reading it was that there must be many interview transcriptions on the Musical Traditions website with English singers.
Actually there were far fewer than I thought that there would be, though there are plenty of articles about them and many complete booklets of MT CD releases, but the singers in their own words - not so many. Nevertheless, I thought that I make a clickable list of them. I was very surprised to see that the majority of interviews had been conducted by myself. The first, clickable, name is that of the interviewee and the second name, the interviewer:-

Scan Tester by Rod & Danny Stradling
Sophie Legg by Vic Legg
Gordon Hall by Vic Smith
Johnny Doughty by Vic Smith
Bob Copper by Vic Smith
Reg Hall on Scan Tester by Vic Smith
Bob Lewis by Vic Smith
Tom Brown by Chris Holderness

Now, there ought to be at least another one because my interview with Scan Tester appeared in the paper edition of Traditional Music (No. 4 Mid-1976) . I thought that Rod had digitised all the relevant items for the MT website. However, that interview is available on the web as I made a .pdf facsimile of it for the Sussex Traditions database and you can read it by clicking here.
Looking back at all these interview transcription only serves to make me feel guilty about all the interviews that I made that are waiting for transcription, George Belton, George Spicer, his son Ron though all of these are shorter than those available on the web. This is not to mention the one with Scots traveller singers and musicians and even more with West African Manding Jalis. It's not as if I am not keeping myself busy!