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06-Jul-18 - 12:27 PM
Thread Name: New Book: Folk Song in England
Subject: RE: New Book: Folk Song in England
Re Brian's remarks on modes (eg July 6th, 5.01)

The background sort of explains how it came about that I was given simplified info like 'folk song is modal'.

I agree about liking dorian and so on.

Not sure I agree that modulation was 'new', but the poster probably meant 'new to commercial popular music'. You get it in Tin Pan Alley songs as well. It's meant to add musical interest.

On a lighter level: I have certainly heard 'modulation' in some live performances, if not approached via whatever introductory chords 'art' music would find appropriate. In fact it is my own tendency to 'modulate' that prevents me from singing much. :)

The other interesting point, for me, as a beginner, in Roud was that it is believed early performances were not accompanied, leaving it an open question about which chords to choose for a harmonised version.

On cadences, I think the Bishop chapter in Roud does convince a reader that some singers sang the same song in what could be analysed as different modes. Also that using some versions of modal analysis, more than one mode seemed to feature in any one song. I think some early Sharp comments reflect this.

Also, my theory is limited but as I use it, the term 'cadence' refers to more than the end note of a song. It refers to the approach to the end, whether melodic or harmonic (ie with chordal backing). But the theoretical point that the end note need not reflect the mode I wouldn't argue with.