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Posted By: Joe Offer
18-Jun-18 - 09:17 PM
Thread Name: Good in Living(Steven Sellors)[Rosin Up Your Bow]
Subject: RE: Good in Living(Steven Sellors)[Rosin Up Your Bow]
Thanks for stopping by, Steve. I've always loved this song. I like Anne Dodson's version very much; but I suppose since I'm a Californian, I like the version by Faith Petric best.

I've combined most of the threads on this song, so people can see the song's history at Mudcat. Roger Conant first requested information about the song in December, 1997 - and we've been gathering information about it ever since. Roger wanted to have the song included in the sequel to the Rise Up Singing Songbook, which finally came out in August, 2015, as Rise Again. The list of songs was more-or-less finalized by the time I joined the songbook staff as the Lyrics Guy in early 2014 - and "The Good in Living" wasn't on the list.

But I sure like the song. Peter Blood and Annie Patterson said they'd be glad to have me do a THIRD Rise Up Singing book, but I don't think that's gonna happen. If it does, I make sure it has every song that Faith Petric and Anne Dodson ever recorded.