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Posted By: KingBrilliant
08-Feb-01 - 06:07 AM
Thread Name: Help : tricks for a nervous throat?
Subject: RE: Help : tricks for a nervous throat?
Hah! There's a flaw in that plan Bill. Mark is the most brutally honest critic in the world. I get comments like 'well yes, it was OK, but it went on a bit'. He doesn't go in for tact!!
I think I'd better imagine just Hamm.
But on the serious side, I'm trying to move on from ignoring the audience to being more connected [the Performance & Power thread having made me think things thru & realise the error of my ways]- so the nerves will just have to be put up with until I get more used to it. I was looking for maybe some physical exercise?
Drink is no good as I've given it up again.....
I'll try the throat lozenge thing though, as it might well alleviate the physical symptoms of nerves as well as colds.