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Posted By: Gallus Moll
14-Apr-18 - 08:25 PM
Thread Name: ADD: Silver Darlings (various)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Silver Darlings (Bob Halfin, Jim McLean)
For Dimple -

Iain's Notes:
The first case of foot and mouth disease was diagnosed in February 2001 at an abattoir in Essex.
The source was traced to a farm in Northumberland.
The disease spread rapidly throughout Britain - with Cumbria being the worst affected. In Scotland, Dumfries and Galloway was one of the first areas to be hit. I've written the song from a Scottish perspective, after watching an old farmer break down on television as he explained to a reporter how he had list everything.

Ill Wind Frae Cumberland

Its an ill wind blawn frae Cumberland
That is sweeping o'er the Solway sand
Wi' disease and devastation fanned aroon

Noo the pyres burn and fortunes fa'
The length and breadth o' Gallowa
And anger bides in countryside and toon

See the fairmer in ahint his gate
Broken doon in sic a state
While government debate whit should be done

A' his fields and his pastures bare
O' the kye and yowes he'd grazing there
Noo victims o' a scare
And the slaughtering gun

chorus: Its an ill wind blawn frae Cumberland....

There's nae words o' hope can ease the pain
Or mak him want tae stairt again
When a' a lifetimes work in flames
You see.....................??? (oops, my copy is missing this line!)

Aye its hard enough to mak it pay
But when ye ken nae ither way
Whit is lost and gaun this day
Has brought misery

chorus: Its an ill wind blawn frae Cumberland...

Alas tho I have the tune in my head, I have no recording of it so either you'll have to contact Iain or me to have it sung to you! (Iain writes for accompanying himself on guitar -- then I learn some of them to sing traditionally / un-accompanied so -- best to get Iain's own version!!)
There;'s a possibility Jim Jack and John Graham have got this one from Iain, if so you might hear them do it - -- ?