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Posted By: mousethief
05-Feb-01 - 01:22 PM
Thread Name: What's the difference between calypso and reggae?
Subject: RE: What's the diff btwn calypso and reggae?
Boy, ask a simple question and get an obnoxious flame.

By "western ear" I mean ear trained in so-called "Western" music, i.e. the tradition that includes Bach, Stravinsky, and Gershwin. You will note I put it in scare-quotes. You will note that your response is both simple-minded ("western"="from the western hemisphere") and rude.

I didn't say they were the same because they came from the same place. That's why I asked the question, I am ignorant about all this sort of thing. The proper thing to do with an ignorant person is to educate them, not berate them for their ignorance, and invent theories to accuse them of holding.

I'm sorry if you're incapable of answering an honest question politely. I'd suggest you stop answering them at all, until you learn that skill.