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Posted By: Gallus Moll
07-Feb-18 - 06:39 PM
Thread Name: Review: Celtic Connections
Subject: RE: Review: Celtic Connections
Ake I am not sure what age you think I am? But I've been daein' folk music fer nigh on 60 years - an' ah wis singin' an' listenin' tae ma grampa's sangs even as a wean!
Jist cos ma herr isnae grey disnae mean ah've no' experienced jist as muckle traditional music as yersel!
- it is a bit annoying that while Gordeanna, Anne an' a' the rest o' them wis at Rutherglen Academy in Norman Buchan's ballads club while I was a few miles doon the road at Hamilton and missed that opportunity!

As for yon concert - did you at least watch/hear Fiona Hunter singing The Blackbird (while Danny was cycling up the Cuillins)? If your preference is for traditional voice then surely you enjoyed that?