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Posted By: Gallus Moll
05-Feb-18 - 06:34 PM
Thread Name: Review: Celtic Connections
Subject: RE: Review: Celtic Connections
How I wish I'd made it to the Bothy Culture concert!
Greg Lawson is an absolute genius to have been able to interpret and orchestrate Martyn Bennet's studio-produced... techno? dance? don't know what it's called ... compositions for a huge group/orchestra of mainly of not all folk/trad muscians and singers - plus Danny McAskill!! and another cyclists, also the amazing (trapeze?) artistes -- Grit was incredible, memorable -- but Bothy Culture surpassed it!   
Ake -- - like you my preference is traditional singing, but remember - Martyn grew up in that culture, his mother is Margaret Bennet, Gaelic singer, historian, academic, colleague of Hamish Henderson. I remember Martyn as a young lad stunning us all with his piping at a concert in George Square Theatre, Edinburgh. He was steeped in tradition - he was also a talented musician and filled with incredible ideas and experiences - - he achieved so much in his short life, cancer took him just short of his 34th birthday, But his legacy, his vision, his marrying of cultures- -
If you open your mind and really hear what he has woven into the tapestry of his compositions, there are fragments of traditional singers - including his mother. There are hints of ancient pipe and fiddle tunes...there's bird song, weather......I am no musical expert, I canny read manuscript -- but I listen and I hear, I can become lost in the music or the song- - - did you not wait long enough to hear Fiona Hunter?!
Perhaps it is best to be at a live performance? But - give Grit an chance, then try Bothy Culture again.
And please respect the unique Greg Lawson -- -

Also - just cos you dinna like / un'erstaun' it disnae mean iverybiddy else disnae - -- !!!
May no' hiv been tae yer taste, but certainly wis tae mine!