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Posted By: Bruce D
11-Jan-18 - 06:54 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Maid of Australia / Maids of Australia
Subject: RE: Origins: Maid of Australia / Maids of Australia
Could "Oxborough" be a miss-transcription of the word Oxbow, which is a alternate name and older name for a Billabong.

Oxbow or Oxbow Lake

An oxbow lake is a U shaped body of water that forms when a wide meander from the main stem of a river is cut off, creating a free-standing body of water. This landform is so named for its distinctive curved shape, resembling the bow pin of an oxbow. In Australia, an oxbow lake is known as a billabong, from the indigenous language Wiradjuri. In south Texas, oxbows left by the Rio Grande are called resacas.
The word "oxbow" can also refer to a U-shaped bend in a river or stream, whether or not it is cut off from the main stream.   Ref: Wikipedia

Bruce D