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Posted By: Vic Smith
11-Jan-18 - 06:37 AM
Thread Name: New Book: Folk Song in England
Subject: RE: New Book: Folk Song in England
Vic actually put it forward as an excuse for why broadside compositions were as unsingably bad as they were (though he didn't mention 'in contrast to the folk songs which are highly singable'
He didn't and he strongly resents being misquoted.

"Others have already addressed the Bothy Ballads issue. "
Nowheern near sufficiently
You fully accepted that they were exceptions because they were examples of workers having made their songs

The statement in quotations was lifted from a post by Steve Gardham and it refers to a long post of mine made at 09 Jan 18 - 01:15 PM . The salient point made in that post was that, without direct evidence. we do not know who wrote the earlier bothy ballads. We assume that they were any of a} the farmworkers b) the agents of the broadside printers in Dundee - mainly "The Poet's Box" or c) a combination of the two. We are informed that this does not cover the possibility of their origin Nowheern near sufficiently. Perhaps we need to be informed by the person who wrote this of other possible genesis of the Bothy Ballads.

The conduct of this thread increasingly reminds me of conversations with Christian religious fundementalists. They know that the world was created in seven days because because the bible tells us so. For these people facts and interaction of ideas leading to supportable theories have no place; what we need is the faith to endorse their dogmatic beliefs.
With such people discussion is clearly a waste of time because nothing will induce them to concede a single point.