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Posted By: Mr Red
10-Jan-18 - 11:31 AM
Thread Name: BS: Football (not the U.S. kind)
Subject: RE: BS: Football
It's just that Mr Red got me gander up with his sideswipes at footie fans

"More than a religion proved". Ya can't ask them to accept responsibility because of it. Not a sideswipe, a direct hit, deflected by the "not me" stratagem. It was the other tribe obviously!

And as for tribal - even a good hearted crowd are tribal. These days we don't see as much of the Milwall syndrome but it is not unknown to have an undercover French policeman in a gang of French supporters at the world cup in ie England. And if you saw Eurosport - the football ads are predominently about anti-racism. If you contrast that with a sport like MotoGP where they provide stands for Rossi yellow and Marquez orange but I ain't never heard of any antagonism because there are also Ducatista, Suziki supporters, KTM clan, Aprilia afficianados etc. More tribes, more dilute rivalry. A different kind of crowd who applaud the riders as they do their slow-down lap. F1 is in the same category (AFAIK). Tennis I would expect even more so. etc

Two teams invites more robust rivalry and it has been seen demonstrably so. Football must police itself it it wants to be respected by the majority (who don't give a toss about the over-priced game that we majority have to subsidise).

Large crowds are dangerous, tribal ones moreso. It needs regulation and review - constantly. The crowd dictate that. The rest of us demand it. The crowd think it is nanny state until ........... then they blame everyone else.