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Posted By: Steve Gardham
09-Jan-18 - 02:19 PM
Thread Name: New Book: Folk Song in England
Subject: ADD Version: The Maids of Australia
Thomas Pearson, Printer, 6, Chadderton Street, off Oldham Road, Manchester. Stock No 76.


One morn as I stood on the Arbourer's banks,
Where the maids of Australia plays their wild pranks,
Beneath the green shades, I sat myself down,
A viewing the scenes that enchanted all round,
In the forest of happy Australia,
Where the maids are so handsome and gay.

I had not gazed long on these beautiful scenes,
Where the forest was wild, and the trees they were green,
Before a gay damsel to me did appear,
To the banks of the river she quickly drew near!
She was a native of happy Australia,
Where the maids are so handsome and gay.

She says young man I'm almost afraid,
That you will injure an innocent maid,
That is come here to bathe on these pure rippling shores,
In the streams of my native Australia
Streams of my native Australia
Where the maids....

She pulled off her clothes, and before me she stood,
As naked as Venus just rose from the flood;
I blushed with confusion, when smiling, says she,
This is the clothing dame nature gave me,
On the day i was born in Australia,

She plunged in the river without fear or dread,
Her delicate limbs she extended and spread,
Her hair hung in ringlets, which you know was black,
She says, See here, young man, how I float on my back,
In the streams of my native Australia
Where the ......

Being exhausted with swimming, she swam to the brink,
For assistance she cried, oh I'm afraid I shall sink.
Like lightning I flew, and gave her my hand,
She uncourteously slipt and fell back on the sand,
So I entered the bush of Australia,

I kissed and I toy'd with the fondest of glee,
With the fairest Australian that e'er I did see;
Long time on her bosom my face I did hide,
Till the sun in the west its visits declined,
So I left this fair maid of Australia,