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Posted By: Steve Gardham
21-Dec-17 - 10:57 AM
Thread Name: New Book: Folk Song in England
Subject: RE: New Book: Folk Song in England
'tearing up of past scholarship and the denigration of our greatest scholars' (JC) This IS a gross exaggeration and I won't let it pass no matter how many times you spin it. Every time anyone mentions the failings of past scholars they go out of the way to state how overwhelmingly they respect the great bulk of their work. They are not gods or saints to be worshipped religiously. I don't know anyone who does not have the greatest respect and admiration for Professor Child's work. There are flaws which he acknowledged himself, but these pale into insignificance alongside the bulk of his work. This religious worship is the biggest thing preventing our research being taken seriously. It is a relief that seemingly only you are promoting this.

'If they happen to live in the vicinity they take place'(JC)
What had you in mind, Jim? We hold our meetings all over the country, and as I stated, we have been to Dublin and Edinburgh. We all have limitations on our time. Some of our members are still working. Others can't afford to go to every meeting, travelling round the country. A nice wish list but impractical.

'How about the mountain coming to Mohammed for a change?'(JC) Is Mohammed going to supply a room, refreshments and some travelling expenses? Otherwise we have to stick with the very generous people who offer the hospitality of their institutes and universities.

'It doesn't take massive funding to alert people involved of what you are doing'(JC). EFDSS website, Our own website, Mudcat, our own Forum, folk magazines. Perhaps you're volunteering to pay for an advert in the Sun, or the Irish Times. I'll send you a personal email if you like keeping you up-to-date as to where and when the meetings are.

As I stated, at a local level we go into schools and other institutions to spread the word, run free concerts, workshops and numerous other little ways of spreading the word. I'm sure you do all this in Ireland, but we are not sitting on our arses as you imply.