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Posted By: Steve Gardham
20-Dec-17 - 03:35 PM
Thread Name: New Book: Folk Song in England
Subject: RE: New Book: Folk Song in England
"If we (as a bunch of human beings - The People) want to know what the TSF is thinking, we have to go to the mountain, Mohammed-like - no way to share knowledge on the 'people's music' "(JC)

"Alternatively, you could make us all aware of what is taking place".(JC)17 Dec 2017 9.58

No problem. There are no closed doors. All meetings are open to allcomers and much of what we discuss is available on the TSF website which is where I presume you found my article based on one of the presentations some years ago. Martin Graebe the secretary frequently offers to send recordings of what has transpired out to members. Last time I looked JC was a member. (SG)

But just to be clear and for the uninitiated:
20 years ago Steve Roud and a few others of us got together and decided it would be a wise move to bring together all those people, academic or independent who were interested in folk song research to avoid duplication, share ideas, and promote understanding in the subject. The Traditional Song Forum was formed with 3 or 4 meetings a year spread out all over the country. (Dublin and Edinburgh have already been included, but Sheffield and London tend to have been used most). The membership of researchers from all over the world has gradually built up and we currently have about 250 members. Many of our members have produced books, articles, reviews, websites, indexes during this period and many of these are produced in co-operation with each other. Quite a number of our members have contributed to this very thread before they were put off by my and Jim's rantings.

Our full day meetings consist of in the mornings TSF business and a round robin of present members' latest projects and discussion. The afternoon consists of 4 or 5 presentations mostly by members but sometimes invited guests as well. The evening is often taken up with a singaround at a local hostelry.

Now for the last 10 years both Steve and I and others have given presentations on the relationship between urban commercial song and oral tradition so the subject is by no means a new one. Everyone who is in the TSF who looks at the website and follows the detailed notes (and recordings) posted by our very able secretary/webmaster Martin Graebe, or who attends our meetings cannot fail to have been acquainted with the views expressed on the origins of the songs. Curiously I can't remember in those 10 years anyone opposing the facts and opinions we have presented.

JC, if I'm reading this aright and you are offering your front room for one of our meetings I'll see what I can do. Unfortunately my passport needs renewing, but I can get that sorted.

In short...all of the information is out there. First stop, try our website at Tradsong.