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Posted By: ketchdana
18-Dec-17 - 01:31 AM
Thread Name: Funniest Talking Blues Song
Subject: RE: Funniest Talking Blues Song
Don't know about funniest. More of a "so true", from the sixties.

Talking "FOLK GUITAR PLUS" Blues

Well, a lady on the TV screen named Laura
Claimed she could teach me to play the guitar-a,
Could do it, in fact, without much fuss
If I'd watch her program, "Folk Guitar Plus".
    (plus banjo . . . plus recorder . . .
    not to mention the auto-harp.)

So I sent for the book, followed along,
Played "Aunt Rhody", mostly wrong,
But I kept right at it, day and night.
Only took a month to get it right.
    (Life of the party now . . . If only
    someone would request Aunt Rhody.)

The songs and the pickin' gets complicated
But I wait for each show with breath all bated,
'Cause just when I'm ready to give up tryin',
She smiles and says "You're doin' fine."
    (A little more pressure there . . .
    That's goo-, uh, better.)

I'm learning to pick the syncopated strum
And tie together chords, runs with the thumb.
Even readin' that tablature,
But my fingers are sore, that's for sure.
    (Look, Ma, hammerin' on . . .
    Now Ma, there's no call to say that.)

Someday I'll be a guitar player
But folk guitarists are no longer rare.
You meet them everywhere you go,
'Cause a million other people are watchin' that show.
    (Don't know any mor'n they do . . .
    Nor any less.)