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Posted By: Rapparee
15-Dec-17 - 10:04 AM
Thread Name: SECRET SANTA, gifts and teasing.
Subject: RE: SECRET SANTA, gifts and teasing.
Oh well. I'll just limp along with sawn-off shotguns. I live in The West, Santa, and by the Code Of The West* we have to do the "gunfight in the hot dusty street at high noon thing" every single day. In fact, the city has installed tumbleweeds, dust, wind machines, and heat lamps to we can do it in the winter too. Traffic doesn't stop though, and being hit by a bus while facin' down the villain just doesn't seem to be Old West. I wish the Old West Codifiers would change the Code -- the last time I was nearly hit by a garbage truck AND a beer truck (Coors Light, not even real beer).

*Code Of The West, Chapter CMCLXXXI, 769, 34A10b6 (2017 ed. with chanages).