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Posted By: Steve Shaw
24-Nov-17 - 05:16 AM
Thread Name: What is Happening to our Folk Clubs
Subject: RE: What is Happening to our Folk Clubs
"If you both frequent, and are truly representative of those who attend "Folk Clubs" in the UK, it is little wonder that they are in trouble. Neither of you would appear to bring any edification to this discussion or the forum in general. Quite the reverse in fact.

Is that clear enough?"

If you ever went to folk clubs you'd know whether they were truly representative or not and there'd be no need for that "if." So, as you presumably don't really know anything about folk clubs, what are you doing on this thread?

Incidentally, don't criticise others' use of English unless yours is perfect. I've left your punctuation error and the clumsy ambiguity of your use of "both" in the quote above for your delectation. And, generally speaking, "folk clubs" doesn't require capital letters. Or speech marks, come to think of it. Tsk. Eye-roll emojee.