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Posted By: Dave the Gnome
16-Nov-17 - 05:04 AM
Thread Name: BS: Hope not hate victory
Subject: RE: BS: Hope not hate victory
You reminded me to look up how this started Keith. This is the relevent post.

Subject: RE: BS: A new political low take 2

From: Keith A of Hertford - PM

Date: 24 Dec 16 - 04:48 AM


Is it a smear? I do not know but Farage is not known for making statements he can not support.

I predict that the legal case will be quietly forgotten or it will fail.

We will see.

Good to see your predictions are as accurate as your analysis of the situation. At least you are consistent.

As to

He is free to continue accusing their supporters of using violence.

Yes, that is true, just as I am free to continue referring to him in various derogatory ways. However, he is not free to continue smearing the organisation itself. He has agreed, in court, to withdraw his claims and not to repeat the claims or allow anyone to do so on his behalf.

A victory for truth by anyone's standards. Except yours maybe but we all know that anyway.