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Posted By: AllisonA(Animaterra)
12-Nov-17 - 07:53 AM
Thread Name: food songs
It's wonderful to scroll through old threads like this and see beloved late-lamented Mudcatters, from Spaw to Sandy Paton.

I can't believe this one didn't make the list: Sandwiches Are Beautiful

Bob King

CHORUS: Sandwiches are beautiful; sandwiches are fine.
I like sandwiches; I eat them all the time.
I eat them for my supper; I eat them for my lunch,
And if I had a hundred sandwiches, I'd eat them all at once!

1. A-roamin' and a-travelling and wanderin' along,
And if you care to listen to me I will sing a happy song.
I will not ask a favour; I will not ask a fee,
But if you have yourself a sandwich, won't you give a bite to me?

2. Once I went to England and visited the Queen!
I swear she was the grandest lady that I've ever seen.
I told her she was beautiful and could not ask for more.
She handed me a sandwich and she threw me out the door! CHORUS

3. Once I knew a pretty girl, the fairest in the land.
All the young men in the county, they were asking for her hand.
They?d offer her the moon and they would offer her the sea,
But I offered her a sandwich and she said she'd marry me.

4. Now a sandwich may be egg or cheese or even peanut butter,
But they all taste so good to me it really doesn't matter.
Jam or ham or cucumber, just any kind will do,
But I like sandwiches; how about YOU?! CHORUS