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Posted By: Jim Dixon
10-Nov-17 - 08:08 PM
Thread Name: food songs
Today I went to see the "WW1 America" exhibit at the Minnesota History Center (which will soon go on tour), and one of the things I discovered there was this remarkable novelty song, where various foods represent nations at war.

The following lyrics are from the sheet music at the The University of Illinois at Chicago. You can hear it at YouTube sung by Billy Murray, Ian Whitcomb, or Bob Michel.

Words and music by Hank Hancock, Ballard Macdonald, & Harry Carroll, 1914.

1. Hans Gustav Snider,
A local provider
Of groceries, canned goods and such,
Had read of the war,
Till himself and the store
Were both what is known as "in Dutch."
His brains he'd been feeding
On so much war reading,
He woke up one night in a fright.
He rushed down the stairs,
Fell over two chairs,
And turned up the groc'ry store light.

CHORUS: There were eggshells bursting near and far,
Above the Russian caviar.
A Bismark herring by itself
Was pushing all the French peas off the shelf.
An Irish potato started to cry
When a Spanish onion hit its eye?
Frankfurters fighting all over the floor,
Howling and growling: "We're the dogs of war!"
There was "Sunny Jim," upon a horse,
Swooping down with all his "Force."
The paprika,
Growing weaker,
Shouted out: "Won't you open that door?"
And a couple of tough Vienna rolls,
Shot a poor Swiss cheese all full of holes,
In the terrible war in Snider's groc'ry store.

2. Dutch pumpernickel
Had joined a dill pickle,
Attacking the fresh navy beans.
A Limburger cheese
Greatly strengthened the breeze,
And anchovies, prunes and sardines
Were fighting an army
Of dago salami,
And that's only half what he saw.
He jumped into bed,
Put ice on his head,
And went on the wagon once more. CHORUS