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Posted By: r.padgett
02-Nov-17 - 05:25 AM
Thread Name: What is Happening to our Folk Clubs
Subject: RE: What is Happening to our Folk Clubs
What is happening to our folk clubs:

Folk clubs needs a definition ~ in my view folk clubs were extremely popular through the 70s and 80s and was an often weekly or indeed monthly etc gathering of people who met on a social outing usually in a pub or other quiet ish venue ~ some folk clubs presented the music of the day pop music or an alternative to THE pop music of the time which had a different following

So what is happening to Folk clubs?
My pet word ~ audiences are or lack of is what is missing ~ and I think many will recognise that the world has turned a time or two:

Pubs mismanaged to make pub managers turn them into cash cows and sell the over priced beer to make more profit (or not?0

Country pubs ~ travel by car drinking laws

Venues in general more difficult to find as pubs demolished

Younger potential folk not finding folk their music ~ with exceptions of course

Folk not being really mainstream and loud pop music being the norm

Folk being largely followed by an ageing population on a day to day basis

Clubs being fractionalised into traditional, contemporary ~ musicians sessions, mixed sessions etc ~reason for this is generally to do with the funding issue and audiences which are followers of a certain type of music/song and will stay at home if they are not content

Club organisers who fail to book except to their own tastes

Lack of committees (or not!!) people are people and have their own tastes whims and fancies (an awkward bunch!)

Folk clubs generally being not as dedicated and professional as very many folk club guests would like

Too many would be guests who are not doing their bit to run clubs as they should be doing (in my view)

A diminishing following of floor singers singing and playing (many people and followers are dedicating time and talent still to their branch of folk I would add)and time being of essence

SO are folk clubs being taken over by Folk festivals? Are singers and players spending more time with their fellow singer and players?

What then of folk club guests and folk festivals ~ I have no doubt that folk clubs are still very much in existence and I certainly know of many, many that do book guests regularly

Clubs are made up of disparate individuals each with their one views and aspirations as to what they want from a folk club and indeed what they are prepared to GIVE to the folk club to ensure its success ~ do clubs exist solely to provide a living for the booked guest I would ponder also!

I leave it there for now ~ these are questions to ask mebbe ~ so no personal comments please!