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Posted By: Jim Carroll
31-Oct-17 - 07:33 AM
Thread Name: What is Happening to our Folk Clubs
Subject: RE: What is Happening to our Folk Clubs
"and the revival is doomed to be swamped under a flood of Americana"
Who mentioning Americana - we won that war thirty odd years ago
"My opinion is that folk music today originates from a far wider base than travellers "
Since when have the British people or the rural working classes been Travellers
New one on me
"1954 definition of folk artificially restrict it "
There you go again - you said it was me keeps bringing up the definition
Maggie's man speaks with forked tongue
The best aspects of all cultures are those which learn to learn aspects of past practices - successes and failures and use the information to inform modern creation
Once we forget where we come from we lose all the benefits of what we have learned from the past
For some of us, listening to a twenty-verse, centuries old ballad is as enjoyable as listening to three minute pop song that will dissipate after the first belch - like an American Chinese meal
You are condemning an entire genre of song on the basis of your own tastes and ignorance
Jim Carroll