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Posted By: GUEST,Albert's Lion
31-Oct-17 - 07:20 AM
Thread Name: What is Happening to our Folk Clubs
Subject: RE: What is Happening to our Folk Clubs
From Nick Dow - "Just a thought Jim. If it is all so hopeless, and the revival is doomed to be swamped under a flood of Americana, and your contemporaries have given up in despair, and nobody respects British traditional music and song, and the clubs have lost their way, and your field recordings are locked away in a library and your efforts were treated with contempt and you are too old to be pissing against the wind and the importance of the music is ignored in our culture and those who believe otherwise are fighting a hopeless rear-guard action and todays folk scene drove away more than it retained and we can not come up with a workable definition of Folk song and you are tired of the abuse and the English club scene can not find it's arse with two hands and god knows what else, could you please answer me one question. It's a very simple question. Why the bloody hell are you bothering to post on Mudcat at all?"

Mudcat so needs a like button!!
I've just wasted nearly two hours of my morning and have forgotten now what it was I was looking for on Mudcat! I also now have to decide which of three sessions I might go to tonight - the so called Irish Session (so called because it's in West Wales - sesiwn might be better) with breakneck fiddling, mandolins and melodeons in a packed pub; the eclectic sing around where anything goes but with quite a bit of singer-songwriter angst and no audience or the 'almost secret' one with tunes played at the 'correct' speed and songs which might include unaccompanied traditional singers or a past totp big name with an autoharp and a liking for blue grass and gospel (despite being a committed atheist) in a welcoming pub for locals. Then there's tomorrow and a singaround, another on Thursday in a different local village and Saturday (in a micro brewery) but Friday I'll be playing trad jazz with my local New Orleans style band. It really is shocking the decline in Folk Clubs around these parts.