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Posted By: Jim Carroll
31-Oct-17 - 03:13 AM
Thread Name: What is Happening to our Folk Clubs
Subject: RE: What is Happening to our Folk Clubs
"Does Folklore have a different definition to Folk Music..."
No it doesn't Tim - both are from 'The Folk' - the largely rural labouring classes
The same applies to folk tales, dance and music
All are sister genres, obviously not the same.
It replaced the term 'popular' - as in Brand's 'Popular Antiquities of Great Britain' - first published in 1777
Child attributed the Ballads to the same source, which is why he entitled his collection, 'The English and Scottish Popular Ballads' - popular = of the people.

"like the songs of MacColl and Leonard Cohen"
A further complication
One draws its inspiration from traditional song - one does not.
"It's not surprising Erdoğan doesn't like it"
Hitler took an opposite view and incorporated German folk song and lore into his politics by creating his own.
"So you will understand he's not really that very good."

Misleading Raggy
CCE players rise to a high level to win prizes - that isn't the problem
In order to win competitions you have to play what you are told the way you are told by the committees - playing by numbers
It has frozen their music into a 'Comhaltas' style and has excluded all else, especially Irish music and song which may have originated elsewhere.
Songs that have probably originated in Britain are a no-no, despite having proliferated throughout the singing traditions for centuries.
Competitions are only for winners anyway - they killed off the love of thousands of Irish youngsters living in Britain during the years we were associated with the music there.

"folk medium is now sterile and consequently in it's death throes"
They said exactly the same thing about Shakespeare during various periods of history and there he is still filling theatres and infesting our televisions
That is an indication of your personal taste Iains, nothing more
The last living tradition only disappeared in 1974 when the Travellers went into Woolworths and bought portable televisions
They are now running around like blue-arsed flies trying to get it back because they have realised it is an essential part of their culture and identity
Limerick University has a department concentrating on Irish Traveller music and is co-operating with several musical Traveller families, the Dunnes and the Rooneys, to bring it back fro the younger generation.
Jim Carroll