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Posted By: TheSnail
27-Oct-17 - 05:05 PM
Thread Name: What is Happening to our Folk Clubs
Subject: RE: What is Happening to our Folk Clubs
"I have insulted nobody Nick"
Jim Carroll

THis is the type of behaviour that turns these discussions into slanging matches..... I suggest you go to the dry cleaners and get your cloth ears sorted out

It might be nowadays in an English club scene that couldn't find it's folk arse with both hands

You are a self obsessed pratt

No you didn't Bryan - you thought you might score a few points

The nonsense lies in your argument that to challenge something that is apparently wrong is to insult those involved Bryan

Doesn't make too much difference to the fact that your boorish bad manners makes you a bullying lout though   

Grow up - it's a long way from the schoolyard

At one toime the clubs were part of this passing on of songs and information and I was part of that scene - that's why I bother
Now, apparently, it's been taken over by a bunch who neither understand or particularly like the music that put them together in the first place

What a sad, sorry bunch you really are - no definition, no objective for your clubs - reduced to name calling - no wonder the club scene is a mess

You people have now reduced this to childish name calling

I've made my offer - like the true heroes you all are, you've all scrambled to take advantage of it
It is nice to talk to people with open minds - not

No club needs a workable definition - it needs a committee theat lives up to its promise of folk songs -- not at the exclusion of anything else but as a rule of thumb - if you are anything to go by, obviously not yours

You obviuouslky don't give a toss for the importance of folk song, I don't get the imprssion that you even like it

your minds are tighter closed than ducks arses - and you call me intransigent!!!!

You need to know what folk song sounds like, which probably excludes you
Such a decision requires an understanding of and commitment to folk song
If MacColl, Rossleson, Pickford, Bogle, Jack Warshaw et al can work it out I'm sure you can find someone to work it out for you Bryan

If the club scene is populated by people like you we may as well all pack it in and wait for the next Beyonce hit
The flk scene was created to allow us to escape from the arrogant oppression of the pop conveyor belt - people with your attitude place us right back on the assembly line

I saw it and consider it irrelevant Bryan - the world does not start and end in Sussex

My unpleasant comments were made in anger, your ongoing nastiness seems a built in part of your character - you seem incapable of addressing any comment I make, reasonably or otherwise, without snide and abuse - that has been your attitude of several years, yet, as now, you are up on your chair screaming "insult" when your own behaviour is thrown back at you.
I sincerely apologise for sinking to your level - it's one of my weaknesses.

And as I pointed out - Sussex isn't the centre of the Universe (and then went on to comment on your previous suggestion of our all jumping on the train and going down to your club)

You really are the nsty piece of work I have been warned against, aren't you
I had no assumptions of what ahhens oat your club and have vnever commented on such matters
I have never been and, if your behaviour is reciprocated in others, nor would I want to.
I do listen to what people say and respond to it which is more than you or others do

There are, I believe, true lovers of folk song to salvage something from the rubble created by the Masonic lodges that call themselves folk clubs - if I didn't believe that, I really wouldn't bother.

I have never said anything different Nick - what concerns me is the ignorance and indifference dominates today's revival

Have any of you people done anything remotely like THIS or do you just sit singing to each other in your little gentlemen's private clubs
Once more - how dare you - what are you people on?

Dave apparently wants me to lay out my wares as if I was selling frocks

Patronising lip service Raggy - we did what we did to share what we got not to win compliments - clear?

Why are you trolling Vic?
You have taken no part in this to any extent

I do like spending time with adults!!
If I had nothing to say, none of you would have bothered responding to what I have posted - instead, you gang up like a pack of rats
A sad case of hitting a raw nerve, I think

"I have insulted nobody Nick"
Glass houses and stones Bryan
Jim Carroll

I really have got better things to do with my time.