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Posted By: Steve Shaw
25-Oct-17 - 11:59 AM
Thread Name: BS: Catalonia: pros and cons of separation
Subject: RE: BS: Catalonia: pros and cons of separation
Sorry, but your concepts, insulter-in-chief (is there a competition going on here for Problem Poster Of The Month?), are all theory and ignore reality. The EU does not "control" regions by giving them money. Cornwall has received hundreds of millions of EU funding, but come down here and ask local people how they're being "controlled" by the EU and they'll ask you what the hell you're talking about. The rules and laws of the EU apply to member states which administer their regions accordingly and there is little sign of any dead hand of bureaucratic control where I live, one the regions of the UK that has benefited most from our being EU members. As for Teribus and his concepts, containing waffle about number plates (optional), flags (optional) and EU passports (extremely bloody useful at every European airport I've been to, which is a lot), they are not his at all as he has copied and pasted them from sources he has yet to divulge (I fully expect them to be an embarrassment if and when he does divulge). Your own understanding of them, after years of whatever education you claim for yourself, has led to a completely risible analogy with cranes. Would you like me to ask the mods to move it to the joke thread for you?