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Posted By: Iains
15-Oct-17 - 03:23 PM
Thread Name: BS: Catalonia: pros and cons of separation
Subject: RE: BS: Catalonia: pros and cons of separation
"Too many people did not take part"

Well bless my soul! Shaw has created a new voting block. In my book apathy deserves everything that comes its way. A vibrant democracy requires that all those enfranchised act, when given the opportunity.

"The consequences of voting to leave are not the same as voting for staying. Therefore it should be quite hard to get enough votes to leave. Leaving is a far more serious proposition than staying. I'd say two-thirds of three-quarters minimum."

Going to bed at night is not the same as getting up in the morning.
WOW. Hows about that then. What a stunning deduction. Just how it contributes to the discussion escapes me. "Making it hard to get enough votes to leave" is blatant interference in the democratic process. Is this a cunning wheeze from comrade corbyn?(whose closest advisors have been subject to ongoing investigation by the security services)
We of the ruling party are quite happy with a simple majority vote.
How they voted in Timbuktu, or that they were away on a package holiday, or simply could not be bothered to vote is of zero interest. Squealing "not fair" after the event does not change the outcome. Those that had the most votes won, those that had the least votes lost. Simples, but leftards have a problem grasping the simplest mathematical concepts.
The only way to change the voting requirements is for parliament to pass the necessary legislation. Shaw's opinions in this matter, as in many others, counts for nought.