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Posted By: Big Al Whittle
14-Oct-17 - 06:27 AM
Thread Name: BS: if I'd been Weinstein's sexual plaything
Subject: RE: BS: if I'd been Weinstein's sexual plaything
The trouble with you Stu is you're not very observant.

You are the oppressor. You are inflicting your set of views without taking any account of what is in front of you, and to top it - you are abusing other people on this site, with you narrow judgemental mindset.

Look at the Emma Thompsons and Jane Fondas. Intelligent women - but they have bought into the Dream Factory aesthetic, with its body fascism, nips and tucks, needless surgery, utter bollocks scripts, re-written history. body and soul - they bought into. beat more talented actors to the punch - even when it involved marrying men they didn't love. that's what they wanted to do - that's what they achieved.

to suggest that they lived in an industry town like Hollywood. I talked with JIm Broadbent the week after he'd won his Oscar. He said they're all barking mad there.

And you suggest that last week, they knew nothing about Weinstein. This week - the lynch party is in full cry and they've already thrown the rope over the branch, as Lenny Bruce said about Eichman - they were shaving his leg before they even got him to Israel.

Look at the picture of the latest lovely to denounce Weinstein. There she is smiling sunnily and grasping Weistein's arm.....

Does she look like or sound like any traumatised rape victim you've ever seen on a police procedural?

For Godsake - just occasionally give your predjudices and tendencies to judgementalism a rest. Listen an LOOK at what is actually being said. And that doesn't only go for Stu!