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Posted By: Stu
14-Oct-17 - 05:22 AM
Thread Name: BS: if I'd been Weinstein's sexual plaything
Subject: RE: BS: if I'd been Weinstein's sexual plaything
"The thread may have been started with an attempt at humor, but it isn't something that I or many others can laugh about."

Well said Acme. The arrogance and misogyny on display in this thread is a disgrace, but you'll never convince these old overprivileged white men with a sense of entitlement and almost staggering lack of empathy and humility.

I see the effect people like Weinstein have had in academia, the workplace and in pubs and it's never good. It's a form of oppression that women have had to put up with since the "time immemorial" (to quote Emma Thompson) and the oppressors like to use nasty tricks like blaming the victim to cover their predatory nature, lack of respect or self-control.

The next generation is where our hope lies in building a more tolerant and progressive society, not these old wankers. The more I read from them, the more I am glad I'm not like them but I have hope; we've come a long way in the last few years and despite their efforts to hold us back they won't stop us. Fuck them.