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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
13-Oct-17 - 11:25 AM
Thread Name: BS: if I'd been Weinstein's sexual plaything
Subject: RE: BS: if I'd been Weinstein's sexual plaything

Subject: RE: BS: if I'd been Weinstein's sexual plaything
From: akenaton - PM
Date: 13 Oct 17 - 09:21 AM

I always know what you are saying Dave, what makes you say it and what you are.

Get your arse back where you belong and don't bring your thread closing shit on onto this one.

Ake, you single-handedly have killed more threads than I care to count because of your wrong-headed view of the world and changing the subjects when you don't like the original topic. Don't start suggesting anyone else can top your predatory trolling.

You don't excuse Weinstein, but you blame the women. Convenient. Women use sex to get what they want, you say. It's their tool. Bullshit. Sex in non-romantic settings is way more complicated that just "a tool."

Do you and others in this thread know the difference circumstances between a woman initiating sex or not initiating sex? That she has free will? There are many types of sexual experiences described in this thread that somehow are supposed to clarify or explain or excuse women's behavior and women's responses to the unwelcome attention of Harvey Weinstein. What Weinstein did was predatory and was sexual assault or rape when it was unwanted. He wasn't letting women exercise their free will, he was cornering them. THEY HAD TO ESCAPE.

Lots of people knew - and their careers hung in the balance if they spoke out. Harvey seems to have carefully selected young women who, whether or not they had a recognizable name yet, had little experience of Hollywood, who didn't know what he was up to. Who didn't have the worldly experience to shut him down with a look or an angry word - or a kick to the nuts. Those who found out the hard way warned others, but speaking out or filing charges would have stopped careers in their tracks because of the legal challenges Weinstein would have brought. Bury them in lawsuits.

Other threads have tried to turn this into politics, or drag in men famous for their dalliances. There are opportunists and there are predators, and as unhappy as the outcome of the exposed opportunist relationships are, don't tangle them with this. Weinstein carefully selected his victims, isolated them from others by inviting them to a private place, then tried to get what he wanted. Sex addict or not, he victimized a lot of women and now, like the fallout after the Cosby case finally gained momentum, women feel able to finally come forward and point fingers at Weinstein. It's a real shitstorm for him, one he has deserved for a long time.

The thread may have been started with an attempt at humor, but it isn't something that I or many others can laugh about. Instead, it gives us pause - how can someone be so many things at once. Like Cosby, in the entertainment world Weinstein achieved great things. He funded a lot of wonderful films. Part of his brain was working in a positive and generous direction. Cosby was a role model for generations, yet look at the wretched backstory of drugging and raping women. With their places in the business and the society, they didn't need to do that - as the conversation alluded to - there are women who would have been interested in them simply because of their positions in society, because of their power. The part of their brains that determined they needed to stalk women is sick. Is criminal. And isn't a laughing matter. This is also not an invitation to change the subject with comparisons.