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Posted By: DMcG
13-Oct-17 - 10:42 AM
Thread Name: BS: if I'd been Weinstein's sexual plaything
Subject: RE: BS: if I'd been Weinstein's sexual plaything
It is a matter of phraseology, to some extent. I have never been in a bar (etc) and thought "there is an attractive woman" and made a move. This is because I am drawn to complete people first - their temperament, attitudes, intellectual and emotional character, their likes and dislikes and all the rest. So I have always genuinely got to know them as people first over a fairly long time. That they were physically attractive has always been lower on the scale for me than whether they were attractive as people. Some of course were also physically attractive. As for complementing people it is not something I do lightly, so the complements I have given have always been genuine and to people who were friends already, not pickup lines for strangers.