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Posted By: Steve Shaw
05-Oct-17 - 05:23 AM
Thread Name: BS: Catalonia: pros and cons of separation
Subject: RE: BS: Catalonia: pros and cons of separation
EU countries do not endure "rule from Brussels." EU countries govern themselves. Here's an an article from the Financial Times that comprehensively explodes the myth that Teribus is trying to perpetuate. You'll have to google it yourself I'm afraid: "A Brexit myth of Brussels (mis)rule."

Franco still casts a long shadow in Spain. Catalonia, always a region that regarded itself as very distinct in terms of culture and language, was treated very brutally by him. The Spanish constitution states that Catalonia is a nationality. There is considerable resentment when Madrid is perceived as intruding into Catalan affairs. The clumsy interventions last week are only the latest manifestation of that, though a very serious one.

Self-determination is a grand thing but getting it right is a minefield. Most recent polls show only a slim majority in favour of independence, and not a majority of all the electorate. You could easily end up with a brexit-with-balls mess in which a third of the electorate drag Catalonia away from Spain. I wonder whose "rights" we'd be talking about then.