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Posted By: Jon Freeman
19-Sep-17 - 10:31 AM
Thread Name: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
Subject: RE: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
I'd have thought to cancel one SIM and transer credit to another should be easier than that pfr. I'd not be able to give that for my phone. I just get a reminder text when I'm down to the last ??? and am likely to top up with 20 in cash.

Loosing phones, etc, happens here but not often with mobiles. Mine lives in my room, mum's were she charges it and the other sort of double between being dad's if there is a rare need but mostly sitting in a glove box in the car - forgetting to take one out is the bigger problem here. The Dect phones often get mixed up or you go in search of one and find say living room and study ones both in the kitchen.

Most likely loss would sort of be related. It started after a couple of falls but we us walkie talkies if someone is outside (actually quite useful anyway in our sprawling garden area). Mum has mislaid hers a couple of times but fortunately they have been on and the call button plus some walking around has retrieved them to date...